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Valuable staff members tend to possess a toolkit of hard and soft skills that  are a unique and irreplaceable resource for companies. The question here is how can any organisation correctly match its staff capabilities with its ever-changing business needs? It is a complex and rigid problem to balance this trilogy: skills, tasks and availability.

Factors such as demand fluctuation, days off, different levels of productivity and training are restrictions of a complex allocation problem.
A good workforce management tool provides advantages such as giving accurate deadlines for projects, setting the right schedules to improve customer service in a store or making sure the output of a 24h production line keeps going.


  • Hand-made scheduling based on false perceptions.
  • Last-minute changes that create the need of extra hours.
  • Wrong team dimensioning leading to either burnout or lack of work.


  • Real-time rescheduling facing unexpected factors/peaks.
  • Forecasting analytics to detect potential new skills and people requirements.
  • Individual team member load vs capacity levelling.
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The fast-paced transformational environment that we see in almost every sector of the economy requires  organisations to adapt and continuously optimise their operations. Our methodology enables you to achieve breakthrough results in all areas of your business, leveraging data to make your organisation more effective, agile, sustainable and efficient.

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