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Transport & Logistics

The pressure exerted on the supply and logistics chains is increasing with relevant impacts on the business's profitability and on the service quality provided to the customer. Furthermore, the paradigms for organising operations and the number of variables involved make the decision-making process increasingly complex. The digitalisation processes play a crucial role in streamlining processes, equipping teams with tools that provide greater visibility of the operation and real-time decision-making capacity in a proactive manner as opposed to traditional reactive approaches. 

The power of digitalisation, supported by advanced optimisation and advanced data analytics tools, enables teams to:

  • Reduce planning time
  • Reduce costs and standardise operations
  • Reduce the potential for error and anticipate problems
  • Define the most appropriate distribution model
  • Have a decision support system regarding the geographical definition of the network
  • Forecast transport needs
  • Visualise and control the entire operation
  • Better manage transport resources and customer relations
  • Make decisions in real-time
  • Optimise fuel and maintenance costs
  • Reduce the carbon footprint - contributing to greater environmental sustainability


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