skills, tasks and availability

Workforce Management

Valuable staff members tend to possess a toolkit of hard and soft skills that  are a unique and irreplaceable resource for companies. The question here is how can any organisation correctly match its staff capabilities with its ever-changing business needs? It is a complex and rigid problem to balance this trilogy: skills, tasks and availability.

Factors such as demand fluctuation, days off, different levels of productivity and training are restrictions of a complex allocation problem.
A good workforce management tool provides advantages such as giving accurate deadlines for projects, setting the right schedules to improve customer service in a store or making sure the output of a 24h production line keeps going.


  • Hand-made scheduling based on false perceptions.
  • Last-minute changes that create the need of extra hours.
  • Wrong team dimensioning leading to either burnout or lack of work.


  • Real-time rescheduling facing unexpected factors/peaks.
  • Forecasting analytics to detect potential new skills and people requirements.
  • Individual team member load vs capacity levelling.


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