Asset Management

Asset management is an important component in an organisation's strategy. In a digital age where the volume of available data is increasingly significant, new paradigms for asset management are emerging, enabling the transition from reactive and/or prescriptive maintenance processes to predictive and preventive approaches, thus contributing to improved organisational performance. The efficient management of the assets' life cycle allows optimising their use while reducing costs.

An asset management system based on advanced data collection and processing allows teams to:

  • Reduce downtime and maintenance time
  • Define efficient maintenance strategies
  • Define intervention priorities
  • Decide how and when to replace assets
  • Predict the costs and evaluate the risk associated to the assets
  • Monitor performance in real-time and anticipate intervention needs
  • Understand the total costs to be allocated to assets
  • Undertake a systematic approach to asset management
  • Choose the appropriate assets for a given use


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