Understanding the customer

Marketing & Sales

In a digital age, creating exceptional customer experiences is increasingly relevant. Nowadays, one of the most valuable assets of companies is their data. Using this data to segment customers, identify consumption patterns, or define the best price for your products and services, allows you to increase business profitability as well as the service level.

Powered by advanced data analytics tools, our solutions enable teams to:

  • Segment customers
  • Optimise the customer lifetime value as well as analyse the churn rate
  • Lack of monitoring regarding planning execution and therefore less accurate data to manage client's lead-time.
  • Define the best pricing strategy
  • Identify and assess consumption patterns to target supply
  • Define the best marketing mix


  • Decision support paradigm – automated planning based on accurate needs and complexities.
  • Online recalculation – recalculate the solution based on the incorporation of a new order or equipment.
  • Integration with existing ERP and MES systems - a complete integration with existing databases which avoids the need for manual importation and exportation of information.
  • Business intelligence tools - the creation of dashboards that support the decision-making process, while easing the verification of the impact and control of the production process.
  • Monitoring and interface solutions - allow visual control (such as Gantt charts) of the production of each piece of equipment as well as the tracking of the main process indicators.


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