communication flow across the supply chain

Warehouse and Inventory Planning

Warehouse and inventory planning are critical for a stable and flexible supply chain. The right stock management policy allows the reduction of the stock value that is idle, while ensuring order fulfilment and reduced stockouts.

With the right communication flow across the supply chain, and a set of assertive stock management policies, it is possible to create synergies, tackling the bullwhip effect responsible for excessive inventory investment. On the other hand, the response lead time to fulfil an order should be as short as possible. Hence, the importance of having the right stock distribution across the warehouse and picking strategies resulting in less movements and time.


  • High level of stock.
  • Misbalanced stock across products and stockouts
  • Warehouse teams with low productivity


  • Balanced utilisation of warehouse space and reduced displacement.
  • Leveled team dimensioning according to workload.
  • Sharper selection of picking methodology.
  • Effective stock management policy.
  • Better service level and lower stock levels.


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